Project Overview

Our research project is investigating the underlying issues that lead to early, child and forced marriages in the contexts of urban slums, the ways in which child marriage impacts and changes girls’ lives.

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Research Objectives

A central objective of this project is to identify the specific realities of life in urban slums that lead families to choose early marriage for their daughters or lead adolescents to choose early marriage for themselves.

About JPG school

BRAC James P Grant School of Public Health was founded in 2004 in Dhaka, Bangladesh to address the unmet public health challenges particular to Asia, Africa and South America.

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Effects of Urbanization

Urbanisation has brought in a number of idiosyncrasies, challenges, opportunities and dilemmas that we, as researchers, are struggling to make sense of.

Case Stories

Story of Aruna

“Whenever I sat to study, my mother-in-law called me for work; sometimes it was just to hand her the glass of water which was exactly beside her….I soon realized they (in-laws) do not want me to continue my studies”


Although the government of Bangladesh has adopted several policy changes to address the problem of child marriage, these measures have not been sufficient to significantly reduce the scope of the problem.

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